Client Comments

For over ten years, I've had the pleasure of receiving therapeutic massage from Candace Beringer. Her healing touch is a salve for all that might ail you!

Whether I've walked into her office with sore muscles from a long bike ride, tight shoulders from stress related to my work, or an aching back from pregnancy, I've always left Candace's massage table feeling rejuvenated, calmed and pampered. What a gift she has given me many times over to allow me the space to let any tension I carried in dissolve into peace with her healing touch and welcoming presence.

Candace's knowledge of massage and therapeutic modalities (i.e. Aromatherapy, Reiki, Naturopathics and Physical Therapy) is vast and she incorporates all of her experience and skills to the benefit of her clients, to whatever degree they desire.

I encourage you to invest in your own health with therapeutic massage by Candace Beringer - you'll be glad that you did! Signed 'one happy customer', Lauren Garding

"That was by far the best massage I've ever had! I felt totally safe, well cared for, and very blissful. This is the best gift I could have ever given myself. Thank you so much! I didn't know what a treat I was in for!" Marli Castillo Beverly Hills, CA

"Candace, What a BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE! During my treatment, my arthritic pain was alleviated with your skilled technique and my spirit was nurtured and at peace after our session. You have a special gift from God, thank you for sharing it with me." Leslie McGrath Pasadena, TX

"Candace: This is how I felt after my morning healing massage treatment with you. You have soft gentle hands, a warm spirit, and sound advice for this woman who will bear a child in November... Thank you for a lovely experience."  (this client then wrote a poem to reflect her insights)

"Morning Massage"
The softest hint of Lavendar
gentle waves
lapping over this body
in quiet touch

I am landlocked
the ocean is near
here in sedona
among red rocks
among spirit
I begin this morning calmer
than a lotus
peaceful in presence
Dr. Kaveri Patel, M.D. San Francisco, CA




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